Czech National Agency for International Education (DZS)

Na Poříčí 1035/4
110 00 Prague 1
Area Code: 110 00
Czech Republic
Phone: +420 221 850 100
Fax: +420 221 850 255

Dům zahraniční spolupráce (DZS) is an organisation established and directly managed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic. The DZS performs tasks involved with ensuring educational, training and other relations with foreign countries under the instructions of the ministry. The DZS is responsible for a number of international programmes, carries out activities relating to promotion of education, provides information and consultation services and organises national and international seminars and conferences. The services are aimed at individuals, students, teachers, directors of all types of schools and other professionals, educational organisations and associations whose activities are related to education, and also both central and local authorities.