Edition 53 - September 2005

News from ACA

“The future of the university” - ACA conference in Vienna

30 November-2 December 2005 The next ACA conference is organised in cooperation with ACA’s Austr... (+more)

DAAD: San Diego meeting of young German researchers working in the US

Early September the German Scholars Organisation (GSO) in cooperation with the DAAD, the German Rese... (+more)

CIMO: Finnish International Study Programmes in Higher Education 2005/ 2006

The Centre for International Mobility CIMO, an organization operating under the Finnish Ministry of ... (+more)

Ulf Lie of SIU awarded the EAIE Constance Meldrum Award for Vision and Leadership

ACA is proud to congratulate Ulf Lie, Senior Advisor and former Director of The Norwegian Centre for... (+more)

New Director General at the International Programme Office for Education and Training in Sweden

On August 1, Mr. Ulf Melin became the new Director General for the Swedish national agency, the Inte... (+more)

New "ACA Friends Package" offers reduction on all ACA seminars and conferences

Greetings and welcome to the new ACA Newsletter - Education Europe. I wanted to take a minute to i... (+more)

European Policy

Erasmus Mundus: EU universities continue to attract the world

In its second year, the EU’s Erasmus Mundus programme is reaching a rapidly expanding number of pa... (+more)

European Institute of Technology consultation

The European Commission opened a public consultation on whether and how to create a European Institu... (+more)

Specific programmes under FP7 for research and technological development announced

The Commission's plans for the Framework Programme (FP7) have become clearer. The programme wil... (+more)

EU and China to step up science co-operation

At the China-EU summit on 5 September, both sides confirmed their intention to strengthen the China-... (+more)

EU/ Australia educational exchanges: Cooperation on a new level

After a three-year pilot phase, the European Commission and the Australian government have each trip... (+more)

EU encourages entrepreneurial education training - results for Lisbon

On 13 September, the European Commission published a report on 'Mini-Companies in Secondary Educatio... (+more)

New Erasmus grant amount proposed for 2013

As preparation for the new Integrated Programme, MEPs in the culture and education committee adopted... (+more)

Historic investment of 1 billion Euro into EU Communication Technologies

The Commission is about to launch 276 new research projects in the field of Information and Communic... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

SAT admissions tests to be used in the UK

UK Ministers have announced a large-scale try-out of a national university admissions test. The purp... (+more)

Student satisfaction provides an alternative rating; B) FT business school rankings

A new university ratings system, available on the Teaching Quality Information website www.tqi.ac.uk... (+more)

US government explores strategies to keep US a global education powerhouse

On 19 September, U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings announced the formation of the Secre... (+more)

Working group to find solution for Austrian admissions problem

An EU working group will be set up to find a solution for Austria’s problem with the high influx o... (+more)

OECD: US and UK market share of international students has dropped

The two major destinations for international students have lost (some) ground according to Education... (+more)

UNESCO: Making the European Research Area pan-European

In the July-September issue of “A World of Science”, UNESCO takes a close look at how scientific... (+more)

Initiative for Excellence Competition – Top-class Universities for Germany

The Initiative for Excellence is meant to improve the standard of higher education institutions by m... (+more)

Flaws in France's university research system exposed

A recent report from the Cour des Comptes (France’s national audit office) finds weaknesses in the... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Six Marie Curie calls for human resources and mobility

Call for proposals for Marie Curie Outgoing International Fellowships - Structuring the European Res... (+more)

European Associations acting at European level in the field of education

Activities must contribute, or be capable of contributing, to the development and implementation of ... (+more)

EU-Australia Cooperation in Higher Education and Vocational Training

The EU/Australia cooperation in higher education programme aims to set up a framework for student mo... (+more)

Background analysis to inform the ministers meeting under the Finnish presidency 2006

On the way to Lisbon with VET: Trimming the sails Monitoring progress in making VET attractive and e... (+more)

Language Tenders: A) Education and Training 2010: Languages B) Web Portal on Languages

A) Education and Training 2010: Languages The overall objective of their contract is to contribute t... (+more)

Study on the feasibility of an ECVET system for apprentices

Under the mobility actions of the Leonardo da Vinci Community programme, transnational mobility has ... (+more)

Transatlantic "USable" competition highlights transitions

The English Word "usable" means "helpful, practicable" – and it aptly describe... (+more)

Promotion of Active European Citizenship

Promotion of Active European Citizenship - Support to non-governmental organisations, associations a... (+more)


OECD Education at a Glance 2005

OECD calls for broader access to post-school education and training People are facing growing pressu... (+more)

UNESCO Global Education Digest 2005 – Comparing Education Statistics Across the World

At the international level, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) is responsible for monitoring ... (+more)

CEDEFOP - European reference levels for education and training: promoting credit transfer and mutual trust

This report focuses on two key areas: (a) how zones of mutual trust (ZMTs) operate, and whether they... (+more)

CEDEFOP - Improving lifelong guidance policies and systems: Using common European reference tools

This publication is an introduction to three common European reference tools for guidance: aims an... (+more)

CEDEFOP - Vocational education and training in the United Kingdom

Vocational education and training (VET) systems in the UK tend to be complex as well as fast changin... (+more)

UN - Education for Rural People

A new online toolkit by UNESCO and FAO offers formal and non-formal education on agriculture, forest... (+more)

Economist survey - The state of Europe's higher education is a long-term threat to its competitiveness

A recent survey completed by the Economist on higher education argues that since the Second World Wa... (+more)


Upcoming conferences September - July 2006

30 SeptemberNext ACA European Policy Seminar “Between Babel and Anglo-Saxon Imperialism? English-t... (+more)

Events in the spotlight

30 November – 2 DecemberNext ACA conference “The future of the university” Vienna, AustriaAC... (+more)