Edition 101 - September 2009

News from ACA

Better taught in English? An ACA seminar on languages

Emperor Charles V was quoted as saying “I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, a... (+more)

New ACA project on student mobility and more…

The international mobility of students has considerably gained ground as a major policy objective in... (+more)

IIE celebrates 90 years of support to international cooperation in education

ACA’s US-based member organisation – the Institute of International Education (IIE) – is celeb... (+more)

New Director for VLIR

As of September 2009, Rosette S’Jegers has officially taken office as General Director of the ... (+more)

European Policy

EU-African Scientific Partnership

This summer, the European Commission launched the first call for proposals under the EU's Seventh Fr... (+more)

First Director of the EIT

Gérard de Nazelle is the newly appointed director of the European Institute of Innovation and Techn... (+more)

The Swiss join the LLP club

At the end of a long negotiation process, a provisional agreement between the European Commission an... (+more)

The path to quality in European higher education

The European Commission has presented its first triennial report on progress in the area of quality ... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

Bologna with Swiss students’ eyes

In 2008, the Swiss Rectors’ Conference (CRUS) and the Union of Students in Switzerland (VSS) carri... (+more)

International campuses on the spur

International branch campuses, although a relatively new phenomenon, have experienced significant gr... (+more)

OECD: Economic downturn will further boost student numbers

The OECD has released at the beginning of September its annual collection of data on education – t... (+more)

Sweden: more money into higher education and research

The new Budget Bill for 2010 was presented by the Swedish government to the riksdag on 21 September.... (+more)

Romania: important achievement down the drain?

In parallel with the crusade against the Spiru Haret University (see ACA Newsletter – Education Eu... (+more)

The Spanish quest for excellence

Spain has set out to modernise its universities by: promoting excellence in education and research; ... (+more)

New UNESCO Director-General from Bulgaria

The new candidate nominated for the post of UNESCO Director-General is the Bulgarian diplomat Irina ... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Still open call for proposals: Socio-economics and humanities focused research projects

The 7th Framework Programme’s (FP7) small and medium sized collaborative projects call for socio-e... (+more)

Still open call for tender: Research on economic benefits of VET

Cedefop will offer a two-year service contract to the selected service provider or consortium to car... (+more)

Call for tender on information on higher education reform

The European Commission has launched phase III of an ongoing project on Information on Higher Educat... (+more)

Call for tender: study on interrelation of education and globalisation

The European Commission has launched a call for tender on “the role of education and training poli... (+more)

Call for tender on analysis of two Grundtvig measures

The European Commission is calling for tenders on “Analysis and exploitation of the results of two... (+more)

Call for tender on participation in Erasmus

The European Parliament has published an open call for tender to carry out a study on Erasmus mobili... (+more)


Globalising education policy

Rizvi, F. and Lingard, B. Globalizing Education Policy. Routledge, London, 2009. ISBN: 978-0-415-416... (+more)

Improving learning

David, M., Bathmaker, A. et al.(Eds). Improving Learning by Widening Participation in Higher Educati... (+more)

University rankings

Kehm,B. M. and Stensaker, B (Eds). University Rankings, Diversity, and the New Landscape of Higher E... (+more)

Privatising the public university

Morphew, C. C. and Eckel, P. D. (Eds). Privatizing the Public University. Perspectives from across t... (+more)

Open educational resources

d'Antoni, S. and Savage, C. (Eds). Open Educational Resources. Conversations in Cyberspace. UNESCO P... (+more)

Sizing up the competition

Koch, K. and Green, M. Sizing Up the Competition: The Future of International Postsecondary Student ... (+more)


Upcoming international events

8-10 October 2009EUA Autumn Conference: "Internationalisation beyond Europe’s frontiers: Enha... (+more)