Edition 99 - July 2009

News from ACA

New developments in hosting services for international students in France

As part of its mission to increase the attractiveness of French higher education abroad, CampusFranc... (+more)

Old liaisons trigger new cooperation initiatives

A consortium of 22 German universities together with DAAD will coordinate the academic setup of the ... (+more)

Schedule for the ACAdemic year 2009/2010 and beyond

In autumn 2009, the ACA Secretariat and its partners will embark on two projects, one aimed at boost... (+more)

European Policy

Intensive language courses for Erasmus students in new languages

Through a recent decision of the EU member states, the list of languages in which preparatory course... (+more)

Time for change at the ERC

The month of July brought a couple of changes at the European Research Council (ERC). On 1 July the ... (+more)

The German EUREKA chairmanship year

In June, Germany took over the EUREKA chairmanship from Portugal and is now chairing the network for... (+more)

Green Paper on mobility of young people

The much-awaited "Green Paper on learning mobility of young people" was released, at the b... (+more)

Key data on education in Europe 2009

On 16 July, the European Commission presented the 2009 edition of Key Data on Education in Europe, p... (+more)

Swedish presidency of the EU: taking the next step in HE and research

Sweden’s presidency of the Council of the European Union began on 1 July and will continue unt... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

Bringing closer the UK/US model of collaboration

A new report on the UK/US academic collaboration has been published by the UK/US Study Group, a grou... (+more)

UK: Can an economic ‘low’ become an intellectual ‘high’?

The UK government recently decided to fund 10 000 extra student places for applicants at British uni... (+more)

Innovation relief in the Netherlands

Under a new initiative of the Dutch government, a budget of EUR 280 million has been set aside for i... (+more)

And the first to cross the EQF finish line is… Ireland

A few months ago, it seemed that Germany was to be the EU member state with the most noteworthy... (+more)

New Minister of Education in Flanders

Pascal Smet is the new Minister of Education in Flanders. The Flemish Socialist Party (sp.a), favour... (+more)

Global challenges – global solutions: 2009 UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education

The 2009 World Conference on Higher Education (WCHE): The New Dynamics of Higher Education and Resea... (+more)

More fuel for the student loan debate in the US

A recently released report, "Drowning in debt: the emerging student loan crisis", by Educa... (+more)

Complete make-over of Indian higher education?

An ambitious blueprint for reform of the Indian higher education sector was recently proposed in a r... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Still open: Call for proposals on developing the European Qualifications Framework

The European Commission has launched a call for proposals (EAC/06/09) for actions to develop and imp... (+more)

Still open: Call to support European cooperation in Education and Training

The European Commission is calling for proposals (EACEA/07/09) to support activities for cooperation... (+more)

Still open: Call for tenders: Implementation of the action plan on adult education

The European Commission has launched a public open tender for further measures to implement the acti... (+more)

Still open: Call for tenders: Support for VET European credit system

The European Commission has launched a call for tenders regarding support of the ECVET (European Cre... (+more)

Still open: Call for tenders - EQARF network

The European Commission calls for tenders for the provision of support for the network of the Europe... (+more)

Still open: Cooperation in higher education and training between EU and Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the Republic of Korea

The 2009 Industrialised Countries Instrument - Education Cooperation Programme (ICI-ECP) call for pr... (+more)

Call for tenders: Interim evaluation of the Lifelong Learning Programme 2007-2009

The European Commission has launched a public open tender (EAC/32/2009) to provide an interim evalua... (+more)

Call for tenders: European expert network on economics of education (EENEE)

The European Commission has launched a call for tenders (EAC 22/2009) regarding a network, which wil... (+more)

Call for proposals: Support for evidence-based policy making

The European Commission has launched a specific call for proposals to develop networks of knowledge ... (+more)

Call for proposals: Support to the organisation of a European Skills Competition 2010

The European Commission is calling for proposals (EAC/27/2009) for support to the organisation of a ... (+more)


Changing Dynamics

Meek, V.L.,Teichler, U. and Kearney, M-L (Eds). Higher education, research and innovation: changing ... (+more)

CHEA and UNESCO statement

The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific... (+more)

Global Education Digest 2009

UNESCO-UIS. Global Education Digest 2009. Comparing Education Statistics Across the World. UNESCO In... (+more)

Governance of higher education

Huisman, J. (Ed.) International Perspectives on the Governance of Higher Education. Alternative Fram... (+more)

Higher education and social responsibility

GUNI. Higher Education at a Time of Transformation: New Dynamics for Social Responsibility. Palgrave... (+more)


Upcoming international events

5-8 August 2009Stockholm University: "6th European Conference on Gender Equality in Higher Educ... (+more)