Edition 87 - July 2008

News from ACA

ACA discusses Africa in a seminar on development cooperation this fall

Faced with the paradox that in many African countries less than five percent of high school graduate... (+more)

Staff changes at the Secretariat

This month, ACA Deputy Director Ulf Lie left the Secretariat after a one-year collaboration. ACA war... (+more)

European Policy

Life after "deadline"? Bologna in the next decade

2010 is approaching fast, and in less than two years the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) shoul... (+more)

Commission couples with South Eastern Europe

The European Commission intends to help the South Eastern European region to take its rightful place... (+more)

European researchers in motion

The European Union rightly strives to level out member states' ability to attract foreign scientists... (+more)

Joint Declaration with Israel on education and training

On the occasion of an official visit to Israel, the European Commissioner in charge of Education, Tr... (+more)

5th report on Lisbon in education: overall progress slow and shadowed by low literacy

On July 10th the European Commission published its 2008 Indicators and Benchmarks Report on member s... (+more)

Joint research programming to help maximize use of resources

The European Union’s member states should set up partnerships in a number of key research areas of... (+more)

Technical cooperation agreement with New Zealand

On 16 July, the European Community signed a Science & Technology (S&T) cooperation agreement... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

Concerted action in Africa

The African Network for the Internationalisation of Education (ANIE) will be launched via a major op... (+more)

Does money make the university world go around?

In a recently published paper in its Outcomes from institutional audit-series, the UK Quality Assura... (+more)

Operation Campus ready for take-off

As announced in last month’s edition of the ACA Newsletter - Education Europe, the remaining ... (+more)

Ranking à la carte

University rankings have been the source of much dispute. Their methodologies, if not their very exi... (+more)

Germany invests in transnational education by establishing joint universities

Germany and Turkey have agreed to open a joint university in Istanbul by late 2009 to bolster cultur... (+more)

Universities' influence on economy grows in the UK

According to the recent Higher Education - Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) survey, UK hi... (+more)

With "Asian Erasmus" towards heart-to-heart trust

Japan’s Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda recently updated the so-called Fukuda Doctrine created in 1977... (+more)

International enrolments stagnate in German higher education

The enrolment of foreign students in Germany is developing somewhat disappointingly. The 2008 editio... (+more)

German higher education: teaching in need of improvement

The German Science and Humanities Council (Wissenschaftsrat) has identified substantial deficiencies... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Tender: Study on impact of Leonardo da Vinci mobility on improvement of VET systems

Public open tender EAC/02/2008 for a study of the Impact of Leonardo da Vinci mobility projects on t... (+more)

Call for proposals: external cooperation window - Asia

In the framework of the External Cooperation Window programme the Educatio, Audiovisual & C... (+more)

Pilot project to support research cooperation between research institutions from EU and China

The Science & Technology Fellowship Programme in China (STF CHINA) offers to researchers from EU... (+more)

European university data collection feasibility study

As provided for in the 2008 science and society work programme, the tenderer will study the feasibil... (+more)

Still open: Grants for actions to develop and implement the European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

The objective of this call for proposals is to award grants to approximately 10-12 proposals submitt... (+more)

Still open: Projects to test and develop the credit system for vocational education and training (ECVET)

Partnerships formed by European, national, regional or sectoral bodies or undertakings working in th... (+more)

Still open: National Lifelong Learning Strategies (NLLS)

The objectives of the call for proposals are: to support transnational co-operation in the developm... (+more)


UNESCO: Cross-border higher education: regulation, quality assurance and impact - volumes I & II

Martin, M. (ed.), Cross-border higher education: regulation, quality assurance and impact - volumes ... (+more)

EPI: Student Mobility and Credit Transfer: A National and Global Survey

Junor, S., and Usher, A., Student Mobility and Credit Transfer: A National and Global Survey, Educat... (+more)

IIEP/UNESCO: Globalization of higher education and cross-border student mobility

Vargese, N.V., Globalization of higher education and cross-border student mobility, International In... (+more)

GUNI: Higher Education in the World 3

GUNI, Higher Education in the World 3: Higher Education: New Challenges and Emerging Roles for Human... (+more)

Rand: U.S. Competitiveness in Science and Technology

Galama, T and Hosek, J., U.S. Competitiveness in Science and Technology, RAND Corporation, 2008. ISB... (+more)

Bruegel: Higher aspirations

Aghion, P. et al., Higher aspirations: An agenda for reforming European universities, Bruegel, Bruss... (+more)


Upcoming events

17-21 August 2008International Meeting of University Administrators (IMUA): GlobalizationVancouver, ... (+more)