Edition 74 - June 2007

News from ACA

DAAD Secretary General Christian Bode honoured at NAFSA

Dr. Christian Bode, DAAD's Secretary General and ACA's Vice-President, has recently been awarde... (+more)

CampusFrance extends network of overseas offices

ACA member CampusFrance, responsible for promoting France’s higher education, has extended its net... (+more)

Nuffic: 2 new offices in Moscow and Bangkok

This summer, Nuffic will open new offices in Bangkok and Moscow, enlarging their network of overseas... (+more)

ACA secretariat: arrivals and departures

The ACA Secretariat would like to welcome former SIU (Norway’s Centre for International University... (+more)

Perspektywy joins ACA

PERSPEKTYWY is a Polish non-profit organisation founded in 1998. The focus of PERSPEKTYWY’s work i... (+more)

Successful ACA seminar on Bologna ministerial meeting

ACA would like to report on a successful outcome of a European Policy Seminar entitled ‘The Bologn... (+more)

SIU: Partnerships between Norway and the Caucasus

SIU, the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education, will soon ent... (+more)

European Policy

Commission invests in distance learning centers: Salomon Islands example

The European Commission is exploring new ways of providing education to rural under-developed areas.... (+more)

Portugal takes over European Presidency

The Portuguese presidency of the European Council, assuming duties from Germany on July first, has a... (+more)

Euro-Mediterranean higher education and research area

The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, under the Barcelona Process, was launched five years ago as a fr... (+more)

Final Conclusions: Lisbon framework of indicators and benchmarks

The Education, Youth and Culture Council meeting that recently took place produced the last amendmen... (+more)

EU extends financing for Latin American research network

The European Commission has just put more funding into joint Euro-Latin American reserach. The first... (+more)

European students' union: anniversary and name change

The National Unions of Students in Europe (ESIB), an umbrella organisation gathering 47 national stu... (+more)

Recruiting more students into S&T: teaching methods

Stimulating the interest of young people in science and technology training is a constant aim of Eur... (+more)

ERC starting grants: application influx

As announced in the March ACA Newsletter-Education Europe, the European Research Council (... (+more)

June European Council Summit outcomes: EIT launched

The recent European Council Summit on 21-22 June in Brussels was dominated by Polish pleas and const... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

Great Britain: Union boycotting Isreali universities

The University and College Union (UCU), a post-school union representing more than 120 000 British a... (+more)

Financing higher education in the US: OECD report and lender scandal

In an Economic Survey of the US 2007: Financing Higher Education, the OECD claims that significant b... (+more)

Opposition to university merger in Finland

The proposition to merge three of Finland’s top universities (ACA Newsletter –Education Europe F... (+more)

France: new ministers in education

Early this month, France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy, announced his Cabinet lineup. Although the l... (+more)

Greece forced to recognise private institutions

At present, Greek higher education is provided by state institutions free of charge, with policies t... (+more)

Lithuania: reforms in higher education

The Ministry of Higher Education and other stakeholders in Lithuania are currently devising a much n... (+more)

Ireland: more competitive researchers

Ireland has launched a strategy to position Irish researchers at the forefront of Europe. The Irish ... (+more)

Austria and Belgium: student quotas

The complaint lodged by the European Court of Justice against Austrian and Belgian foreign student q... (+more)

Nordic countries: side effects of Bologna degree structure reform

The Nordic countries are beginning to discover side effects of their very smooth transitions to the ... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

EU-China law school

The European Commission is seeking proposals for a Europe-China School of Law in the People's Republ... (+more)

Euratom Fusion Training Scheme (EFTS)

Fusion energy has been identified as one of two prime research policies under the Seventh Framework ... (+more)

Pilot project for cooperation between European Institutes of Technology

The European Parliament has established a budget line for a pilot project for cooperation between Eu... (+more)

European survey on language competencies

The Commission just launched a tender to develop tests and present results from the European survey ... (+more)

Marie Curie Action: international outgoing fellowships for career development

This call, a series of new grants under Marie Curie, aims to reinforce the international career... (+more)

Future developments of the European Research Area

Through this call for tender, the Commission is trying to better understand the changing  inter... (+more)


Cedefop: frameworks and processes for early identification of skill needs

Strietska-Ilina, Olga and Tessaring, Manfred. Systems, institutional frameworks and processes for ea... (+more)

Demand for Higher Education to 2020 and beyond

Bekhradnia, Bahram. Demand for Higher Education to 2020 and beyond. (2007). The Higher Education Pol... (+more)

OECD: Jobs for Youth

Secretariat-General OECD. Jobs for Youth/Des emplois pour les jeunes (May 2007). OECD publishing. IS... (+more)

OECD report on higher education in Ireland

OECD. Reviews of National Policies for Education - Higher Education in Ireland. (2006). OECD Publish... (+more)

E-infrastructure for research and education in Europe

European Commission, Directorate-General for the Information Society and Media. E-infrastructure: Co... (+more)

Post-secondary education export price index: US

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). How the bureau of labor statistics measures price change for expor... (+more)


Upcoming events

26-29 June 200715th World Conference on Cooperative Education (WACE2007)Singapore city, SingaporeWeb... (+more)