Edition 73 - May 2007

News from ACA

IIE: Dr. Allan Goodman honoured

ACA is pleased to share with you that the former President of the French Republic, Jacques Chirac, h... (+more)

ACA seminar: Bologna the final lap register now!

This month, ministers from across the Bologna signatory countries gathered in London to set the agen... (+more)

ACA welcomes new stagiaire and officer manager

The ACA Secretariat has two new faces to welcome to the team: Isabelle Deneyer, ACA’s new office... (+more)

DAAD: European conference in HE

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is organising together with various European partner org... (+more)

ACA announces 2008 annual conference "Beyond 2010 - priorities and challenges for higher education in the next decade"

ACA’s 2007 annual conference ‘The Many Faces of Internationalisation’, held on the 14-15 May i... (+more)

ASEF launches Database on Education Exchange Programmes (DEEP)

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) launched its new Database... (+more)

ACA member AVCC becomes Universities Australia

In the midst of a new constitution, the Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee (AVCC), one of ACA'... (+more)

European Policy

Galileo goes under, Commission to the rescue

The Galileo global satellite navigation systems (GNSS) based on a constellation of 30 satellites pla... (+more)

Work permits for foreign scientists: EU directive not digested by all

The transposition of the EU science visa, an EU directive passed in 2005 aimed at aiding non-Europea... (+more)

Erasmus 20th anniversary: a satisfaction survey for concrete results

This year is marked by extensive celebrations all across Europe for the 20th anniversary of the Comm... (+more)

Bologna Process London Ministerial Summit

The long anticipated London Ministerial meeting on the Bologna Process, the fifth in a formal series... (+more)

Communication on a European agenda for culture in a globalizing world

The European Commission has recently adopted a policy statement on the role of culture in a globaliz... (+more)

High level education donors meeting in Brussels

The World Bank and the European Commission, in a high level donor meeting held in Brussels on 2 May,... (+more)

ERA online consultation

As research and technology become less subject to borders in today’s world, the European Research ... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

Spain: new law for university hiring

Spain has made strides in university reform with a recent amendment to the organic law of universiti... (+more)

Higher education system facing reforms in Hungary

Seven major Hungarian universities, along with former Finance Minister and current CEO of the Centra... (+more)

Portugal and MIT collaboration

The Portuguese government, through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education entered ... (+more)

Baltic region set the example for research spending

Since 2005, the European Commission has set out plans to double its research budget to 70 billion Eu... (+more)

French election: students already resistent to Sarkozy education agenda

Nicholas Sarkozy’s recent election in France met divided and ripe emotions amongst students in Fra... (+more)

Northern Cyprus universities and the Bologna Process

The recent ministerial summit meeting in London on the Bologna Process was marked by an intense disc... (+more)

U.S. student loan drama continues

Amidst a nation-wide lenders’ scandal and multi-million dollar investigation, reported on in last ... (+more)

Harvard: research vs teaching

With the support of the university’s interim president, Derek Bok, nine prominent professors at Ha... (+more)

Italy recieved the G8-Unesco world forum on higher education

The G8-Unesco world forum on higher education research and innovation was organised this month in Tr... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

EU–Asia higher education platform

The project aims at fostering exchange of knowledge, teaching methods, organisational standards and ... (+more)

eLearning initiative

The European Commission recently launched an eLearning initiative to adapt the European Union's educ... (+more)

Lisbon Agenda to address skills, education and training : tender construction sector

In line with the efforts under the Lisbon Agenda to address skills, education and training issues, t... (+more)

European Year of Intercultural Dialogue 2008

In order to achieve the objectives of the European year of intercultural dialogue 2008, the Commissi... (+more)


Eurostat: innovation pocketbook

Eurostat. Science, technology and innovation in Europe - 2007 edition. European Communities. (2007).... (+more)

European competitiveness report 2006

European Commission. Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry: European competitiveness repor... (+more)

The role of competence and qualification development in fostering workforce mobility

Vandenbrande, Tom. Fostering mobility through competence development: the role of competence and qua... (+more)

Internationalising higher education

Brown, Sally and Jones, Elspeth. Internationalising higher education. (May 2007). Routledge. ISBN: 9... (+more)

Tuning educational structure in Europe

European Commission. Tuning educational structures in Europe: Universities’ contribution to the Bo... (+more)

Eurydice: Focus on the structure of higher education in Europe

Eurydice. Focus on the structure of higher education in Europe. National trends in the Bologna Proce... (+more)

Bologna with student eyes

ESIB - The national unions of students in Europe. Bologna through student eyes 2007 edition. London,... (+more)


Upcoming events

27 May - 1 June 2007NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo: “Preparing Global Citizens” Minneapoli... (+more)