Edition 71 - March 2007

News from ACA

EduFrance becomes CampusFrance

On 7 March, at a joint press conference held at Sorbonne university, the French Ministers of Foreign... (+more)

Linnaeus-Palme international exchange programme

The International Programme Office for Education and Training (IPO) in Sweden has just finished the ... (+more)

Commissioner Figel keynote speaker at ACA 2007 annual conference

As an old German saying has it, Berlin is always worth a trip. This vibrant capital city is most sed... (+more)

NESO office opens in Mexico

Nuffic’s Netherlands Education Support Offices (NESOs) have just expanded to Mexico. As the first ... (+more)

ACA welcomes new stagiaire

ACA would like welcome Edurne Portillo, a new stagiaire who joins us from a stage at Directorate Gen... (+more)

ACA Internationalisation colloquium with KATHO and VLHORA

ACA, together with the KATHO (Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West-Vlaanderen) and the VLHORA (the Flemis... (+more)

IIE: The Fulbright-MTV university award

On behalf of the U.S. Department of State and MTV university (a new online station directed at unive... (+more)

European Policy

Winners of Descartes Prize for Science Communication

Three European Commission financed research projects have now been awarded a share of the € 1 000 ... (+more)

Erasmus van: Birthday celebrations continue

In celebration of the Erasmus programme’s 20th birthday, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) has hir... (+more)

Joint Research Center promote collaboration with Switzerland

Within the 7th Framework Programme, the Joint Research Centre (JRC), a research-based policy support... (+more)

Education and Training 2010: new indicators to measure progress

On 21 February 2007, the European Commission issued a new Communication on the Lisbon Strategy in ed... (+more)

The new face of Tempus

On 5-6 March, 53 Delegates from the EU and partner countries attended a European Commission hosted c... (+more)

ECJ opinion: German legislation hinders student mobility

The European Court of Justice has recently delivered an opinion on the German legislation on study g... (+more)

Innovation, research and development at the Spring European Council

While the European Council meeting held in Brussels on 8 and 9 March 2007 mostly targeted the hot is... (+more)

Commission stock-taking exercise on social realities

The Bureau of European Policy Advisors (BEPA), the personal policy advising board to the Commission ... (+more)

ERC grants: online applications

As stated in the February ACA Newsletter-Education Europe, the European Research Council, the f... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

The Netherlands: new government, new education priorities

On Thursday 22 February 2007 Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands appointed a new Dutch government, bear... (+more)

Bill seeks to push US students to study in non-traditional destinations

Determined to encourage more American students to study abroad in non-traditional destinations, two ... (+more)

Scotland improves student funding for part-time students

In support of part-time and flexible learning options, the Scottish Minister of Lifelong Learning, N... (+more)

OECD urges Spain for innovation

A recent OECD Policy Brief pointed out Spain’s remarkable performance in terms of growth. However,... (+more)

A new beginning for Bulgaria’s state universities

The Bulgarian Education Minister Daniel Valchev recently announced that as of 1 October 2007, state-... (+more)

Private higer education in China

China’s education minister has recently released a regulation tightening the hold on profit-making... (+more)

Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE): second conference

The Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE), a young organisation with a broad ... (+more)

UK Minority Languages speak out to Europe

On 15 March, the Council of Europe issued its second report on the situation of minority languages i... (+more)

National Scholarship Programme of the Slovak Republic: Call for applications 2007/2008

Establishment of the National scholarship programme for the support of mobility of students, PhD. st... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Information Project on Lisbon Strategy and Bologna Process

The European Commission has released a public tender entitled Information Project Higher Education R... (+more)

Joint Study Projects: EU-Canada

The European Commission has launched a new call for proposals under the EU-Canada programme aimed at... (+more)

Science and Society Call: reminder

Part of an initiative to improve public awareness of science among European citizens, the European C... (+more)

LLLP call for proposals: reminder & updates

The general call for proposals under the new integrated Lifelong Learning Programme (LLLP), which wa... (+more)


Bologna Process in a global setting

Looking out: The Bologna Process in a global setting: On the “external dimension” of the Bologna... (+more)

UNESCO: Higher education for a knowledge society

The world-class university and ranking: Aiming beyond status. Jan Sadlak and Liu Nian Cai, Editors. ... (+more)

Eurydice: Decision-making, advisory, operational and regulatory bodies in higher education

Decision-making, advisory, operational and regulatory bodies in higher education, Volume 5. IN Europ... (+more)

Eurostat yearbook 2006-07

Eurostat yearbook 2006-07. European Commission; Eurostat. ISBN :  92-79-02489-2  Page... (+more)

Cross-border accreditation

Higher education in the world 2007. Accreditation for quality assurance: What is at Stake?. Global U... (+more)

Democratic governance in education

Democratic governance of schools 2007. Council of Europe. 978-92-871-6088-1. Pages: 150. Teaching g... (+more)

University heritage

The heritage of European universities - 2nd edition (Council of Europe higher education series No. 7... (+more)


Upcoming events

30 March 2007ACA European Policy Seminar: “Meeting student expectations: from minimum provision to... (+more)