Edition 66 - October 2006

News from ACA

Another two successful ACA Seminars in October

October has seen two more successful ACA events: on 28 October, some 45 delegates, all of them ... (+more)

ACA events in the first half of 2007: calendar online

ACA is heading for a very eventful 2007. We are proud to announce the next two s... (+more)

EMA: Second Meeting of the Launch Committee in Brussels

On 19-20 October, a second meeting of the Liaison Committee of the Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association... (+more)

Staff changes at the Secretariat

There has been considerable change at the ACA Secretariat recently. Bettina Cseke, a PR coordinator ... (+more)

DAAD: Top 10 International Master’s Degree Courses selected at German universities

The Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (Donor’s Association for the Promotion of Scienc... (+more)

CIMO: EU-Russia higher education mobility - presentations online

On 18-19 September the Centre for International Mobility CIMO hosted a Conference on EU-Russia highe... (+more)

New ACA project will map foreign-language-taught programmes in 32 European countries

This month, ACA started a new project on foreign-language-taught programmes in 32 European countries... (+more)

DAAD, EduFrance and SAIA are partners in new Erasmus Mundus action 4 project

The European Commission has selected an Erasmus Mundus action 4 project in which the ACA m... (+more)

European Policy

European heads of state debate innovation policy at informal meeting

“Something is wrong with European innovation policy” – these were the words of Finnish Prime M... (+more)

Launch of the EU-China Science and Technology year

The China-EU Science and Technology Year (CESTY) was launched on 11 October in Brussels. The running... (+more)

EC proposal: one step further towards the setting up of the EIT?

The European Commission adopted on 18 October a “proposal for a regulation of the European Ins... (+more)

LSE report draws bleak picture of the chances to reach the Lisbon goals

The Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) of the London School of Economics (LSE) predicts that the ... (+more)

Over 5 percent increase in European Industrial R&D spending

Europe’s top 1000 corporations have increased their research and development investments by 5.3% o... (+more)

No end to learning: Commission Communication on adult education

On October 23, the European Commission issued a Communication on adult education, encouragingly enti... (+more)

Budget for Lifelong learning programme finally approved

Miracles happen: the new generation of EU programmes, the Lifelong Learning Programme, is now very l... (+more)

Erasmus Mundus action 4: list of selected projects online

The list of projects selected under Erasmus Mundus Action 4 has now been published on the website of... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

Sweden: new minister for education and research in Sweden/extra funds for research

Sweden has a new centre-right coalition government. Lars Leijonborg, leader of the Liberal Party, is... (+more)

US: Secretary of Education announces action plan for US higher education

In September 2005, the ACA Newsletter – Education Europe reported on the formation of a Commission... (+more)

Germany: celebrations, tears and hot debates over “winners” of the first round of the Excellence Initiative

“Only three universities are elite”, titled the online portal of the German news channel... (+more)

THES World University Rankings: 2006 edition published

This month, the Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) published its worldwide ranking of universi... (+more)

France: new initiative aims to team up university students with pupils in underprivileged areas

After the riots in the “banlieue” of several French cities and political debate on the need to i... (+more)

Ireland: Challenges ahead for the Celtic Tiger

Ireland’s development in the last decade has been a dream. The country’s economy outperformed gr... (+more)

Research and Development in the Nordic countries: how to stay at the top

The world envies the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden) for appearing a... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Call for tender: ERA-MORE training courses

The European Commission has launched a call for tenders for ERA-MORE training targeting staff of the... (+more)


Comparing science teaching in schools in Europe

Science teaching in schools in Europe. Policies and research, Eurydice, July 2006. ISBN 92-79-01923-... (+more)

ETF: Human Resources Development in the European Neighbourhood Region

This document brings together the latest information that the ETF has compiled on the situation of v... (+more)

New EAIE publication - The impact of tuition fees on international student recruitment

The latest issue of the EAIE's Occasional Paper series deals with the impact of tuition fees on inte... (+more)

CHEPS: Youth, Education and the Labour Market

Youth, Education and the Labour Market. Vught, F.A. van Brussels, Group of Societal Policy Advisors,... (+more)

Internationalization of Higher Education: New directions, new challenges. 2005 IAU global survey report

Internationalization of Higher Education: New directions, new challenges. 2005 IAU global survey rep... (+more)

The Rise of Private Higher Education in Poland: Policies, Markets and Strategies

The Rise of Private Higher Education in Poland: Policies, Markets and Strategies. Duczmal, W. Ensche... (+more)

DAAD: Transnational Mobility in Bachelor and Master Programmes

Transnational Mobility in Bachelor and Master Programmes. Wuttig, Siegbert and Steinmann, Marina (co... (+more)


Upcoming conferences November 2006 - December 2007

2-5 November 2006EAEA seminar "Citizenship education: A bridge to European citizenship?".F... (+more)