Edition 65 - September 2006

News from ACA

IIE: Atlas of student mobility website updated / Scholar Rescue Fund seeks hosts

Atlas of student mobility website updated IIE (Institute of International Education) is pleased to ... (+more)

Sweden: Preliminary results of higher education institutions finances in 2006

Financial results for Sweden's universities and university colleges are improving. Preliminary resul... (+more)

New publication by ACA on governance, funding and attractiveness of Europe's universities

The future of the university. Translating Lisbon into practice, M. Kelo ed., ACA Papers on Internati... (+more)

ACA seminar on cooperation between EU and Latin America: Waiting list open

The upcoming ACA seminar on cooperation between the EU and Latin America, to be held in Brussels on ... (+more)

New mobility initiative from the DAAD

The German ministry of education and the DAAD have launched a new information campaign about studyin... (+more)

European Policy

European Research Council names first secretary general

The Scientific Council of the European Research Council (ERC) has announced the selection of the ERC... (+more)

European Commission adopts proposal for European Qualifications Framework (EQF)

The European Commission has adopted a proposal for a recommendation of the European parliament and t... (+more)

New: Communication from the Commission on efficiency and equity in education

The European Commission published a communication to the European Council and Parliament earlier thi... (+more)

Commissioner Figel launches high level group on multilingualism

The European Commission has announced the establishment of a high level group on multilingualism. Th... (+more)

The future of Europe’s international research cooperation

An EU-funded project has outlined a vision of how the future of Europe’s international research co... (+more)

Council's position on FP7 forwarded to the Parliament

The Council adopted a common position on the FP7 on 25th September 2006. The adoption follows on the... (+more)

European Commission consults business leaders on how to reduce gap between knowledge and innovation

The European Commission’s Bureau of European Policy Advisers organised earlier this month a meetin... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

French government opens doctoral education to private institutes

The French government published a decree last month which will enable private research and higher ed... (+more)

New Czech minister of education appointed

The Czech Republic has a new education minister: Mrs Miroslava Kopicova was appointed minister of ed... (+more)

Italy: Prodi's government plans to cut on university spending

The Italian government has announced cuts to universities’ spending as part of its new f... (+more)

UK: HESA launches survey on graduate destinations

HESA, the UK’s Higher Education Statistics Agency has just published the results of a survey on 20... (+more)

India lagging behind China in science and technology

India is planning a series of measures to achieve its potential in science. This was announced by a ... (+more)

Spain: Higher education reform grants more autonomy to universities

The Spanish council of ministers have approved the reform of the higher education system through leg... (+more)

Monitor of international student mobility in Holland reveals 2005 results

Student mobility in the Netherlands in 2005 has increased, in terms of both incoming and outgoing mo... (+more)

OECD's Education at a Glance 2006: Key findings

The OECD has published the 2006 edition of its annual report Education at a Glance. The report ... (+more)

Grado, master y doctor: Bologna degrees in Spain

The Spanish minister of education and science has just presented a proposal for the reform of the st... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Study on contribution of non-formal learning to guidance

The winner of this call for tender by Cedefop is expected to indicate in a concrete way ho... (+more)

European network of reference and expertise in VET

The purpose of this call by Cedefop is to award a grant to one organisation (national consortium coo... (+more)

Structuring effects of Community research

The aims of this call for tenders from DG Research of the European Commission are the following: m... (+more)

Rectification of tender on promotion of European higher education

The deadline for submission of the present tender has been postponed to 13th October. See attached d... (+more)


Bologna handbook

The Bologna Handbook, published by EUA, in cooperation with Raabe academic publishers in Berlin, is ... (+more)

Asia-Europe university cooperation

Asia-Europe colloquy on universities of tomorrow, Ramon Molina ed., Asia-Europe Foundation, 2006, IS... (+more)

Report gives overview of the last ten years of higher education in UK

Patterns of Higher Education Institutions in the UK, Universities UK, 2005. This report, sixth in t... (+more)

World higher education 2006/07

World Higher Education Database 2006/7, IAU London, Palgrave, August 2006 ISBN: 1-4039-9256-8 (singl... (+more)

Internationalisation survey 2005

IAU 2005 survey report: Internationalisation of Higher Education: New Directions, New Challenges Fo... (+more)

EQF and ECTS: Best practices in comparison

Typology of knowledge, skills and competences: clarification of the concept and prototype. 2005, 131... (+more)

Current state of higher education in South-East Asia

Higher education in South-East Asia, UNESCO Bangkok / UNESCO Bangkok: Asia and Pacific Regional Bure... (+more)

Implications of GATS for cross-border education

Higher Education Crossing Borders - A Guide to the Implications of the General Agreement on Trade in... (+more)


Upcoming conferences October 2006 - December 2007

13 October 2006ACA European Policy seminar "Cooperation in higher education between Europe and ... (+more)