Edition 61 - May 2006

News from ACA

Successful EU-Asia seminar opens thematic series

The second in the ACA European Policy Seminars of 2006 took place in Brussels on 5 May. The event, e... (+more)

Destination Europe? – Insights from the conference speakers

The ACA 2006 Conference “Destination Europe? Players, goals and strategies in enhancing the attrac... (+more)

CIMO's study on relevance of students mobility to employment

ACA's Finnish member CIMO (Finnish Centre for International Mobility) has published the results of a... (+more)

Nuffic launches newsletter about marketing of Dutch higher education abroad

Nuffic, the Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education, ha... (+more)

IIE launches scholarships directory for international students going to the US

The Institute of International Education (IIE) has just launched a new online directory of scholarsh... (+more)

TPF's new electronic database promotes Hungarian research

The R&D Information Office of the Tempus Public Foundation (TPF) has created a searchable electr... (+more)

Erasmus Mundus Alumni Database online

The ACA Secretariat is finalising the creation of a database for Erasmus Mundus students a... (+more)

European Commission's press release on ACA's study now online

The European Commission has just published a press release about the ACA study investigating the per... (+more)

European Policy

Proposal for European indicator of language competence

On 27th April, the European Parliament adopted, with an overwhelming majority, a report on the “pr... (+more)

European Research Council announces start-up strategy

The Scientific Council of the European Research Council (ERC) has published a strategy note on the l... (+more)

Commission communication on modernising European universities

Following the European Council’s invitation at Hampton Court, the Commission published on 10th May... (+more)

European Commission honours first ever Leonardo da Vinci ambassadors

At an event on education and training held on 10th May in the Austrian city of Graz, the European Co... (+more)

European Commission's annual report on Lisbon - We are too slow

The overall progress of Europe’s education and training systems towards the Lisbon objectives is i... (+more)

EU supports setting up of public administration school in Western Balkans

A public administration school for the Western Balkans, with support from the European Commission, w... (+more)

National Education and the Global Context

Germany: Federal education minister pushes for ‘higher education pact’

German higher education policies continue to surprise observers. After the new government’s attemp... (+more)

French government launches national debate over higher education and employment

The French government has organised a debate at national level over the link between higher edu... (+more)

Thailand launches exchange programme with Europe

The Commission on Higher Education of the Ministry of Education of Thailand has just launched a fell... (+more)

Changes in skilled migration visas to help boost Australian brain gain

The Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs, Amanda Vanstone, and the Minister for Educat... (+more)

Report gives evidence of great impact of UK higher education sector on UK economy

The British higher education sector is a substantial industry with a significant and growing impact ... (+more)

Italian Rectors' Conference elects new president

It is a time of big changes in Italy: a new government, a new president, and a new Rectors' Conferen... (+more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

EU-US call for proposals - Atlantis

As announced in the March issue of ACA Newsletter - Education Europe, the European Commission has no... (+more)

Still time: Previous calls from the April newsletter

School education of children of occupational travellers The aim of this call is to provide the Comm... (+more)

Pupil mobility scheme

The European Commission has launched a call for tender for the preparation of an individual pupil mo... (+more)


Teaching in the multicultural classroom at university

Teaching in the Multicultural Classroom at University: the Temcu Project, David Atkinson, Marián ... (+more)

The University, State and Market

The University, State, and Market,  Rhoads, Robert A., and Carlos Alberto Torres, eds., St... (+more)

International and national developments in qualifications frameworks

A review of international and national developments in the use of qualifications frameworks, by Mike... (+more)

International competitiveness: Businesses working with UK universities

International competitiveness: Businesses working with UK universities, Final report of the Council ... (+more)


Upcoming conferences June - December 2006

01-02 June 2006Austrian European presidency conference "A researcher's labour market: Europe a ... (+more)