Edition 148 - August 2013

News from ACA

Welcome to our new member! Wallonia-Brussels Campus now part of the ACA family

The ACA family is growing. After the Turkish National Agency for the EU Lifelong Learning Programme ... (+more)

Upcoming ACA events: MOOCs and more

The ACA Newsletter – Education Europe team hopes you had a pleasant summer break and that you are ... (+more)

IIE helps promote U.S.-Brazil educational exchange: 300 U.S. companies host interns from Brazil

The Institute of International Education (IIE) announced in August that more than 300 companies acro... (+more)

European Policy

U-Map: Not ranking, profiling!

Please welcome the new U-Map website which has been publicly launched this month. U-Map functions as... (+more)

Open access with minor limitations

Doing research, desperately trying to find information and then, suddenly, stumbling over a useful s... (+logon/subscribe for more)

More money for the UK’s higher education sector

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has launched a new streamlined lending programme to support highe... (+logon/subscribe for more)

National Education and the Global Context

U.S. once again king of the ranking jungle

The time of the year has come. Shanghai Jiao Tong University has published its much awaited Academic... (+more)

World Academic Summit Innovation Index: Who attracts the most research cash?

Who has the most publications? Who is the most international? What course is the most popular? Which... (+logon/subscribe for more)

The world’s most expensive study destinations

Students who wish to study abroad have to consider more than just tuition fees, as living expenses o... (+logon/subscribe for more)

UK International Education Strategy: Casting its nets to attract foreign students

The United Kingdom is traditionally well represented among various university rankings. With an esti... (+logon/subscribe for more)

A-level results: UK universities fight for the best students

In the UK, thousands of secondary school graduates have probably marked 15 August as their personal ... (+logon/subscribe for more)

New budget directive throws Portuguese universities into confusion

A new directive by the Portuguese Directorate General for Budget has caused outrage and confusion am... (+logon/subscribe for more)

Canada: Visa backlog troubling international students

An on-going labour dispute between the Canadian federal government and the Professional Association ... (+logon/subscribe for more)

China catching up in transnational education

Whether it is through partnership programmes with universities abroad, licensing arrangements or the... (+logon/subscribe for more)

Pan African University secures a grant from the African Development Bank

More than one year and a half after the official inauguration of the Pan African University (PAU), t... (+logon/subscribe for more)

Public Tenders and Calls for Proposals in the EU

Open call for tender EAC/09/2013 – Study on supporting the entrepreneurial potential of higher education

The European Commission launches an open call for tenders with a view to develop a stronger evidence... (+logon/subscribe for more)

Call for Proposals – European Investment Bank University Research Sponsorship (EIBURS)

The European Investment Bank Institute proposes two new EIBURS sponsorships under its knowledge prog... (+logon/subscribe for more)

Call for Proposals EACEA/04/2013 – Implementation of the European strategic objectives in Education and Training (ET 2020)

The general objective of this call for proposals is to encourage European policy cooperation to supp... (+logon/subscribe for more)

Call for Tenders – Evaluation of Finland's support to higher education institutions

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland supports higher education institutions through two progr... (+logon/subscribe for more)

Open call for tender EAC/19/2013 – Study on drop-out and completion in higher education in Europe

The overall objective of this study is to provide a consolidated and up-to-date overview of national... (+logon/subscribe for more)

Continuous Open Call for Proposals – European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST)

COST invites researchers throughout Europe to submit proposals for research networks and use this op... (+logon/subscribe for more)

Open call for tender EAC/10/2013 – The changing pedagogical landscape: New ways of teaching and learning and their implications for higher education policy

The overall objective of this study is to examine to what extent government strategies and higher ed... (+logon/subscribe for more)


Tackling Brain Waste: Strategies to Improve the Recognition of Immigrants’ Foreign Qualifications

Madeleine Sumption. Tackling Brain Waste: Strategies to Improve the Recognition of Immigrants’ For... (+logon/subscribe for more)

University Expansion in a Changing Global Economy. Triumph of the BRICS?

Martin Carnoy, Prashanti Loyalka, Maria Dobryakova, Rafiq Dossani, Isak Froumin, Katherine Kuhns, Ja... (+logon/subscribe for more)

Open access in the European Research Area

Julie Caruso, Aurore Nicol & Eric Archambault. Open Access in the European Research Area. Scienc... (+logon/subscribe for more)

International Education: Global Growth and Prosperity

HM Government. International Education: Global Growth and Prosperity. 2013. Pages: 60. The UK’s I... (+logon/subscribe for more)

Building Research and Teaching Capacity in Indonesia through International Collaboration

Flavia Ramos-Mattoussi & Jeffrey Ayala Milligan. Building Research and Teaching Capacity in Indo... (+logon/subscribe for more)


Upcoming international events

Upcoming ACA events: 10 October 2013 Making sense of the MOOCs Brussels, Belgium Website ... (+logon/subscribe for more)