Informative session: Exploring the use of ICT in higher education, virtual mobility and internationalisation

This session, chaired by Rosana Montes from the University of Granada, will explore the relation between the use of ICT in higher education, the rapid changes in the field of virtual mobility and the overarching process of internationalisation in higher education, aiming to contribute to the ongoing debates on these themes in the Spanish arenas, but also beyond them. The ultimate aim of the session is to promote mutual understanding and the exchange of good practice amongst Spanish higher education institutions active in this field. The session will be organised in Spanish.

The session, designed to be highly interactive, will be opened by a set of short presentations of current initiatives undertaken in Spain and at the European level relevant for the themes under discussion

1. Exploring the use of ICT in higher education

HEXTLEARN – territories and evaluation guidelines, Rosana Montes, University of Granada, Spain

2. Virtual mobility experiences

MOVINTER - New challenges for foster cooperation and internationalisation of curricula, Miguel Gea, University of Granada, Spain
VIRQUAL - Integration of the virtual mobility and European qualification frameworks in HE and CE institutions, Ana Dias, Universidade do Minho, Portugal
NET-ACTIVE - Credit transfer in virtual mobility, Fernando Monge, UNED, Spain.

The presentations will be followed by an interactive part where the participants may raise questions and engage in a fruitful debate, and by a short concluding part, where participants are encouraged to give their feedback on the session as a whole.

Participants in the session will be able to follow up on and continue the discussions online via the website of the HEXTLEARN online community (, where a discussion group entitled "Virtual mobility and internationalisation: open debate” has been created for this purpose.