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Russian Excellence Initiative and the Red Queen effect in Global Higher Education

National Research University Higher School of Economics presents a new bulletin ‘Higher Education ... (+more) Edition: 2014, 5

Did all barriers fall with the fall of the wall?

Reflections on academic international mobility in the Former Yugoslavia and today (+more) Edition: 2014, 11

HEInnovate: Not about scoring but engaging

Entrepreneurship is not such a popular concept in academia for the commercial connotation i... (+more) Edition: 2014, 12

Commemorating the attacks in France

As part of featuring January’s most relevant events, it is impossible to ignore the murders of 1... (+more) Edition: 2015, 1

From ACA President Sijbolt Noorda: In rememberance of Garissa

Pastoral pictures. Fields. Sheep. That’s what the website of  this particular University Coll... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

ACA's message in the aftermath - Brussels attacks

ACA is heart-broken by the recent incidents in our home base Brussels. Heartfelt condolences go to t... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Universities lay the groundwork for integration

In this guest article, DAAD Secretary General, Dorothea Rüland provides in-depth insights and takes... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

In memoriam Rolf Hoffmann

In late April 2016, Dr. Rolf Hoffman passed away.  This outstanding personality had been for de... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Guest Article - Why do graduates who spent part of their studies abroad get higher wages? Evidence from Germany

by Nicolai Netz and Fabian Kratz. The past decades have witnessed an enormous expansion of progra... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

(A)counting the losses on both sides - Sir Peter Scott on the Brexit

The UK's decision to abandon Europe, which is what leaving the European Union amounts to, has come... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

“Finding solutions together” – on German-Iranian science diplomacy

by Dennis Schroeder  In times of crisis, science diplomacy can become an alternative channel... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

In memoriam: Ulf Lie

On Thursday, 24 November, Ulf Lie passed away in his home town of Bergen, finally losing his fig... (+more) Edition: 0, 0

Homage to Ulf Melin

At the end of this month, Ulf Melin, one of Sweden’s most deserved and prolific public figures, ... (+more) Edition: 2018, 3

50th Anniversary of German Fachhochschule – University of Applied Sciences: A Success Story?

50th Anniversary of German Fachhochschule – University of Applied Sciences A Success Story? Does... (+more) Edition: 2019, 7

Queenie Lam: What’s going on in Hong Kong? Students’ role in the protests

Hong Kong’s faceless leaderless Be Water Movement, sparked off in early June by massive protests a... (+more) Edition: 2019, 9