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Immigration, Diversity and Student Journeys to Higher Education

Peter J. Guarnaccia, Immigration, Diversity and Student Journeys to Higher Education. ISBN 978-1-433... (+more) Edition: 2019, 3

EUROSTUDENT Brief – The Plurality of Transitions into and within Higher Education

Several studies have revealed that the socio-economic stratification problem in the field of higher ... (+more) Edition: 2019, 4

Monitoring the implementation of the Lisbon Recognition Convention

Monitoring the implementation of the Lisbon Recognition Convention (Council of Europe Higher Educati... (+more) Edition: 2019, 4

International mobility of students in Italy and the UK – Does it pay off and for whom?

European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) Technical Report: International mobility of student... (+more) Edition: 2019, 4

EAIE Barometer: Internationalisation in Europe (second edition) – Signposts of success

This month EAIE has published the EAIE Barometer: Internationalisation in Europe (second editio... (+more) Edition: 2019, 4

Nordic integration and settlement policies for refugees

This report, commissioned by the Labour Market Committee of the Nordic Council of Ministers, aims to... (+more) Edition: 2019, 5

The Place of Universities in Society - A study by Peter Maassen

In preparation for the 2019 Global University Leaders Council Hamburg, which is being run by ... (+more) Edition: 2019, 5

EUA Briefing - University Mergers in Europe

EUA BRIEFING - University Mergers in Europe (April 2019) This brief presents the trends and devel... (+more) Edition: 2019, 5

Results of EADTU’s Task Force and Peer Learning Activity on Virtual Mobility

Innovative Models for Collaboration and Student Mobility in Europe - Results of EADTU’s Task For... (+more) Edition: 2019, 5

Archimedes Foundation - Learning and Teaching of International Students in Estonian Higher Education Institutions

ACA’s Estonian member, the Archimedes Foundation Education Agency, was involved in a recently rele... (+more) Edition: 2019, 6

White Paper – Bologna Digital 2020

Rampelt, F., Orr, D. & Knoth, A. (2019) Bologna Digital 2020 – White Paper on Digitalisation i... (+more) Edition: 2019, 6

CULT Committee Activity Report 2014 – 2019

This report accounts for the activity of the European Parliament’s Committee on Culture and Educat... (+more) Edition: 2019, 6

The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) Report 2019

The European Commission has recently released the new Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) repor... (+more) Edition: 2019, 6

Higher Education for Third Country National and Refugee Integration in Southern Europe

This study report was authored by the European University Association (EUA), under the TandEM projec... (+more) Edition: 2019, 6

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on learning, teaching, and education

This report describes the current state of the art in artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential... (+more) Edition: 2019, 7

Internationalisation and Employability in Higher Education

Internationalisation and Employability in Higher Education (1st Edition) - Robert Coelen, Cate Gri... (+more) Edition: 2019, 7

Guidelines for Coimbra Group Universities on Safety Protocols for Mobility

The Coimbra Group (CG) has recently released the Guidelines for Coimbra Group Universities on Safety... (+more) Edition: 2019, 7

UK: International graduate outcomes 2019

The International Graduate Outcomes 2019 (i-GO), conducted by iGraduate, is the first study whi... (+more) Edition: 2019, 7

Benchmarking Higher Education System Performance – OECD

The project on benchmarking higher education system performance presents a comprehensive and empiric... (+more) Edition: 2019, 8

The Essential Guide to Studying Abroad

From Success in the Classroom to a Fulfilling Career, 1st Edition. By Thomas R. Klassen, Christine M... (+more) Edition: 2019, 8