The Virtual Challenge to International Cooperation in Higher Education

Bernd W├Ąchter. Bonn: Lemmens 2002. ISBN 3-932306-40-6.

Based on the outcome of an expert seminar held in Fjaerland/Norway in June 2001, the book explores the phenomenon of online learning and its relationship to the present concepts of internationalisation. Will e-learning replace partly or fully classroom-based instruction, and will the new "click universities" perhaps even endanger the existence of (some of the) "brick-and-mortar" institutions? Will online education put an end to international mobility and exchange, and other forms of internationalisation? How can and should funding agencies in the field of international cooperation respond to the new virtual paradigm? The publication tackles these and related questions in the form of 12 articles by authors from four continents, and an introduction by the editor.

Price: EUR 19,80 (paperback version)