Internationalisation in European Non-University Education

Bernd Wächter (ed.). Bonn: Lemmens, 1999. ISBN 3-932306-35-X.

Europe´s universities have a long tradition of international cooperation. But what about the “non-university” type of higher education institution, such as the Dutch hogescholen, the German Fachhochschulen, or the Irish Institutes of Technology? It is often assumed that the international cooperation activities of these young institutions are quite limited. However, little research has been devoted to the issue so far. The Academic Cooperation Association (ACA) has therefore decided to explore the state of internationalisation in Europe´s “non-universities”. The present publication contains state-of-the-art reports from 15 European countries, and the papers of a seminar of international expert which explored the topic in a cross-European thematic approach.

The book can be purchased via the ACA Secretariat for the price of EUR 12,00. (Exclusive of delivery costs)