Opening up to the Wider World. The External Dimension of the Bologna Process.

Franziska Muche (ed.). Bonn: Lemmens 2005. ISBN 3-932306-67-8.

The Bologna Process stands for the European integration process in the field of higher education. The progress achieved so far within the Bologna member states is admirable; however, a concentration on internal processes can only be a first step towards becoming a global actor. The Bologna declaration formulates the objective of enhancing the attractiveness of European higher education on a global scale, and this statement has been repeated and refined since 1999. But is the implementation of Bologna really making Europe more attractive and transparent, and if so, how?

The latest book in the series ACA Papers on International Cooperation in Education addresses these issues. The papers in this publication are based on the presentations delivered at an ACA conference held in Hamburg, Germany, in 2004.

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