On Cooperation and Competition II. Institutional Responses to Internationalisation, Europeanisation and Globalisation

Jeroen Huisman, Marijk van der Wende (eds.). Bonn: Lemmens 2005. ISBN 3-932306-68-6.

Like the first volume of On Cooperation and Competion, this book describes and analyses the policies for the internationalisation of higher education in seven European countries (Austria, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and the UK). While the first volume (2004) dealt with national policies, this part of the study is devoted to internationalisation policies at institutional level. The study was coordinated by Marijk van der Wende of the well-known Dutch think tank CHEPS (Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies). The publications are the first to take an in-depth look into this theme again, after ACA’s National Policies for Internationalisation in Europe (1997).

The book can now be purchased via the ACA Secretariat for the price of EUR 30,00. (Exclusive of delivery costs)