Social programme

The social programme, which comprises the guided tour, welcome reception and conference dinner is included in the conference fee. For partners and accompanying persons a € 90 "package deal" will be charged for participation in all activities.

16 May 2010

Guided visit of the historic Mezquita and "Júderia"

Perhaps the most famous structure in Córdoba is the Mezquita, the great mosque. Built on the site of a Roman temple, which was later shared by Christians and Muslims, the Mezquita became the pride of the city, so much so that throughout the centuries, Christian cordobeses have fought to preserve the integrity of the structure as built, even when the emperor Carlos V sought to install a chapel.

Córdoba's whitewashed Judería, the old Jewish Quarter, is a romantic journey back in time.

The entrance gate, La Puerta de Almodavar, has a statue of Seneca and forms part of the western boundary of the Juderia. The Juderia reaches as far as Calle El Rey Heredia to the northeast and the Mosque to the south.

The main attraction of the Juderia is Cordoba's ancient synagogue, on Calle de los Judios (Street of the Jews)

Welcome reception at the Alcazar

The Alcazar was used by Roman governors as a fortress, as a customs house for the Empire's river trade, and it maintained its military character during the times of the Visigoths and Almohads.

Four towers indicate the defensive nature of the building; the Leones tower dates back to the time of Alfonso XI, though the others are more recent. The Alcazar is the most harmonious example of military architecture in Cordoba.

17 May 2010

Conference dinner at Bodegas Campos

Bodegas Campos opened in Cordoba in the year 1908, as a wine cellar for wines from Montilla and Moriles. After a long history, it is now one of the city’s leading lights in the area of cuisine and culture, and is held in high esteem for its defence of popular traditions.

The interior, which has been open to the public since the year 1964, is made up of a fascinating conjunction of old houses and traditional Cordoban courtyards dating from different times, and has been tended with the care and simplicity.