Edition 88 - August 2008

Upcoming events

2-5 September 2008
9th European Conference on Higher Agricultural Education: "Developing roadmaps for European Life Science degrees: Competences, Quality, Employability"
Lleida, Spain
Web: http://www.9echae.udl.cat/

3-5 September 2008
Coimbra Centre for Innovative Management: "Governance and Management Models in Higher Education - A Global Perspective"
Coimbra, Portugal
Web: info@gmmhe.com

7-12 September 2008
IAEA 34th Annual Conference: "Re-interpreting Assessment: Society, Measurement and Meaning"
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Web: http://www.iaea2008.cambridgeassessment.org.uk/ca

8-9 September 2008
iPED International Conference 2008: "Researching Academic Visions and Realities
Coventry", United Kingdom
Web: www.coventry.ac.uk/researchnet/iped2008

8-10 September 2008
IMHE General Conference: "Outcomes of Higher Education: Quality, Revelance and Impact"
Paris, France
Web: http://www.oecd.org/

10-12 September 2008
EERA Annual Conference: "From Teaching to Learning?"
Göteborg, Sweden
Web: http://www.eera.ac.uk/1247/1248/1252/4092/index.html

10-13 September 2008
EAIE 20th Annual Conference: "Re-designing the map of European higher education"
Antwerp, Belgium
Web: http://www.eaie.org/Antwerp/

11-13 September 2008
CHER Seminar: "Excellence and Diversity in Higher Education: Meanings, Goals and Instruments"
Pavia, Italy
Web: http://www.unipv.it

12-13 September 2008
Perspektywy 2008: Poland International Education Fair
Warsaw, Poland
Web: http://www.perspectives.pl/

14-20 September 2008
BalticStudyNet International Workshop: “The Baltic Sea Region and its higher education sector”
Copenhagen/Denmark and Tallinn/Estonia
Web: www.balticstudy.net/news.html

15-17 September 2008
UNESCO Bamako Cluster Office Conference on "Quality Assurance in Higher Education in Africa"
Dakar, Senegal
Web: http://www.icqahea.org/

16-18 September 2008
2nd African Conference on "Curricilum Development in Higher Education"
Pretoria, South Africa
Web: www.unisa.ac.za

18-19 September 2008
EADTU Annual Conference: "Lifelong open and flexible learning in higher education - networked teaching and learning in a knowledge society"
Poitiers, France
Web: http://www.eadtu.nl/

19-20 September 2008
UNESCO Bamako Cluster Office: "Capacity-Building Workshop on the Licence-Master-Doctorate Reform"
Saint-Louis, Senegal
Web: www.ICQAHEA.org

24-27 September 2008
National Center for Developmental Education
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Web: www.ncde.appstate.edu/researchconf3.htm

29 September-2 October 2008
IAUP Conference: "The Role of Universities in Educating the Universal Citizen"
Viña del Mar, Chile
Web: http://www.iaups.org/download/20080128iaup.pdf

6-7 October 2008
CODESRIA: Putting African Scholarly Journals Online: Opportunities, Implications and Challenges
Dakar, Senegal
Web: www.codesria.org

6-8 October 2008
EI and ESU Mobility conference
Lille, France
Web: http://www.letsgocampaign.net/

7-10 October 2008
AIEC: Australian International Education Conference
Brisbane, Australia
Web: http://www.idp.com/aiec/

8-10 October 2008
CONAHEC Conference: "Higher Education Collaboration: Local Responses in a Global Context"
Monterrey, Mexico
Web: www.conahec.org

15-17 October 2008
EMSU 5th Annual Conference: "A new knowledge culture. Universities facing global changes for sustainability"
Barcelona, Spain
Web: http://www.emsu.org/www/

16-17 October 2008
University Network of European Capitals of Culture General Assembly and Conference: "Whose Culture?"
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Web: http://www.uneecc.org/htmls/welcome_page.html

17 October 2008
ACA European Policy Seminar: "From aid to partnership: Enhancing education through development"
Brussels, Belgium
Web: http://www.aca-secretariat.be

20-22 October 2008
EDEN Research Workshop: "The role of distance education and e-learning in technology-enhanced environments"
Paris, France
Web: http://www.eden-online.org

23-25 October 2008
EUA Autumn Conference: "Inclusive and responsive universities - ensuring Europe's competitiveness in the knowledge society"  
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Web: http://www.eua.be/index.php?id=32

27-29 October 2008
First ASEM Rectors' Conference: Asia-Europe Higher Education Dialogue "Between Tradition and Reform"
Berlin, Germany
Web: www.aeh.asef.org/event/datasheet.asp?st=24&ev=103

1-4 November 2008
Canadian Bureau for International Education: "Shaping Worldviews: Diversity and International Education"
St John's, Canada
Web: www.cbie.ca

4-6 November 2008
AMPEI Annual Conference: "Joint Strategies for the Internationalization of Education"
Merida, Mexico
Web: http://www.ampei.org.mx/home.php

11-12 November 2008
EUI: University Autonomy and the Globalization of Academic Careers
San Domenico di Fiesole, Italy
Web: www.eui.eu

13-15 November 2008
Tempus Public Foundation: Leonardo da Vinci: "Enhancing the attractiveness of vocational education and training"
Budapest, Hungary
Web: http://english.tpf.hu/pages/subpage/index.php?id=522&page_id=52

17-19 November 2008
IATED: International Conference on Education, Research and Innovation
Madrid, Spain
Web: www.iated.org/iceri2008

20-22 November 2008
Third European Quality Assurance Forum
Budapest, Hungary
Web: http://www.eua.be/index.php?id=622

28-30 November 2008
UNESCO Global Research Seminar: "Sharing Research Agendas on Knowledge Systems"
Paris, France
Web: http://portal.unesco.org/education/en/ev.php-URL_ID=56555&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html

28-30 November 2008
ACU Conference: "Dazzling Technologies: Seismic shifts in higher education in a fast-changing and unequal world"
Hyderabad, India
Web: http://www.acu.ac.uk/hyderabad/index.php

29-30 November 2008
IAUP Latin American Congress: "New funding and management higher education strategies for global competitivity"
Web: www.uag.mx/iaup

3-5 December 2008
Online Educa Berlin 2008 Conference
Berlin, Germany
Web: http://www.online-educa.com/en

12-13 December 2008
University Centre Saint-Ignatius Antwerp (UCSIA): "Rethinking the university after Bologna"
Antwerp, Belgium
Web: http://www.ua.ac.be/main.aspx?c=*UCSIA2&n=61857&ct=60273

18-20 February 2009
Forum on Education Abroad Annual Conference: "Being There: Teaching and Learning Abroad"
Portland, United States
Web: http://www.forumea.org/dialogue-conference.cfm

19 March 2009
4th Annual IIE Best Practices Conference:
"Lead your Campus to the Top: Best Practices in Internationalizing the Campus"
New York, United States
Web: http://www.iienetwork.org/?p=IIEConference_2009

31 March-2 April 2009
ISSC World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development Moving into the Second Half of the UN Decade
Bonn, Germany
Web: www.bne-portal.be

10-12 May 2009
ISSC World Social Science Forum
Bergen, Norway
Web: http://www.unesco.org/ngo/issc/3_activities/3_worldforum.htm

13-15 May 2009
ACA Annual Conference
Warsaw, Poland
Web: http://www.aca-secretariat.be

24-29 May 2009
NAFSA Annual Conference: "Fostering Global Engagement through International Education"
Los Angeles, United States
Web: http://www.nafsa.org/annual_conference/ac09_call_for_proposals

6-8 July 2009
UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education + 10: "The New Dynamics of Higher Education”
Paris, France
Web: www.unesco.org

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