Edition 83 - March 2008

Upcoming events

30 March-2 April 2008
GUNI: "IV International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education: New challenges and emerging roles for human and social development"
Barcelona, Spain
Web: http://www.guni-rmies.net/k2008/

2-4 April 2008
CPU Annual Conference: "European Universities: new frontiers, new perspectives"
Brussels, Belgium
Web: http://www.cpu.fr/

2-5 April 2008
Congress of the Black Sea Universities Network: “Forum on Higher Education"
Kiev, Ukraine
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

4 April 2008
ACA European Policy Seminar: "International rankings and indicators: what they tell us and what they don't"
Brussels, Belgium
Web: http://www.aca-secretariat.be/08events/upcoming.htm

6-8 April 2008
EAN-Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation: "Neither a Moment nor a Mind to Waste: Strategies for Broadening Post-secondary Participation"
Toronto, Canada
Web: http://www.neitheramoment.com/

8-11 April 2008
SPACE: "19th International Conference"
Valencia, Spain
Web: http://www.space-eu.info/

16-18 April 2008
Poland International Education Conference: "Opening East European Education to the World"
Warsaw, Poland
Web: http://www.conferencewarsaw.pl/

17-18 April 2008
Bologna Seminar: "ECTS based on learning outcomes and student workload"
Moscow, Russia
Web: http://www.rudn.ru/en/bolon_en.php

18-19 April 2008
Freie Universität Berlin / DAAD: "4th TDP Workshop: Law Schools Without Borders? The Case of Transatlantic Cooperation in Law Education"
Berlin, Germany
Web: http://www.jfki.fu-berlin.de/

21-23 April 2008
TICEMED: "L'humain dans l'enseignement à distance: la problématique de l'interculturel"
Sfax, Tunisia
Web: http://www.ticemedtn.org/fr/?page=Welcome

28-29 April 2008
Eurostudent Final Conference
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Web: http://www.eurostudent.eu/abt2/ab21/Eurostudent/eurostudent3

8-9 May 2008
18th EURASHE General Assembly and Annual Conference: “Qualifications in a Quality Assurance Culture: Moving Bologna and Copenhagen towards a lifelong and Europe-wide response to employability”
Web: http://www.eurashe.eu/FileLib/Annual%20Conference_Malta%2008.doc>

8-10 May 2008
At the Interface: "5th Global Conference - The Idea of Education"
Budapest, Hungary
Web: http://www.inter-disciplinary.net/ati/education/ioe/ioe5/cfp.html

15 May 2008
Westminster International University: "Towards a Knowledge Economy in Central Asia"
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Web: conference2008@wiut.uz

15-16 May 2008
UNICA: "Fourth UNICA Scholarly Communication Seminar"
Prague, Czech Republic
Web: http://mpartners.cz/unica/

16 May 2008
ACA European Policy Seminar: "Exporting education: Europe's role in transnational education"
Brussels, Belgium
Web: http://www.aca-secretariat.be/08events/upcoming.htm

19-20 May 2008
Bologna Seminar: "Bologna Beyond 2010"
Ghent, Belgium
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

21-22 May 2008
University of Luxembourg: "Putting Students at the Center: a Transatlantic Dialogue on Student Affairs Practice"
Web: http://www.uni.lu/actualites/a_la_une__1/putting_students_at_the_center

21-23 May 2008
OECD (PED and IMHE): "Higher Education: Spaces and Places for Learning, Innovation and Knowledge Transfer"
Helsinki, Finland
Web: http://www.highereducation.fi/

23-25 May 2008
EUREDOCS: "Modernising European Higher Education: Priorities, Ideas and Challenges"
Porto, Portugal
Web: http://www.cso.edu/home.asp

25-30 May 2008
NAFSA Annual Conference and Expo
Washington DC, USA
Web: http://www.nafsa.org/events.sec/conferences.pg/future_conference_sites

28-30 May 2008
3rd International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training
Accra, Ghana
Web: http://www.elearning-africa.com

28-30 May 2008
MERLOT Africa Network: "1st Pan-African Forum on Open Educational Resources for
Technology-Enhanced Education and Training"
Accra, Ghana
Web: man.merlot.org/research/index.html

28-30 May 2008
Educational Policy Institute: "Retention 2008: an International Conference on Student Retention"
San Diego, USA
Web: http://www.educationalpolicy.org/events/R08/default.htm

29-30 May 2008
Bologna Seminar: “Fostering student mobility: next steps?”
Brussels, Belgium
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

1-3 June 2008
EUA launch conference of the Council for Doctoral Education
Lausanne, Switzerland
Web: http://www.eua.be/index.php?id=32

2 June 2008
Bologna Working Group Meeting: "European HE in a Global Setting"
Vienna, Austria
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

4 June 2008
UNESCO Regional Conference of Higher Education for the Latin American and Caribbean Region
Cartanega de Indias, Columbia
Web: http://www.cres2008.org/

5 June 2008
SOLSTICE Conference 2008: "e-learning and Learning Environments for the Future"
Edge Hill University, United Kingdom
Web: http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/Sites/SOLSTICE/Conference2008/

5-7 June 2008
AMSE Annual Conference: "Quality Improvement in the Medical School"
Barcelona, Spain
Web: www.ub.edu/amse2008

6 June 2008
Bologna Board Meeting
Bled, Slovenia
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

7-10 June 2008
23rd ICDE/EADTU World Conference: "Lifelong Open and Flexible Learning for All: innovation and global partnerships"
Maastricht, The Netherlands
Web: http://www.eadtu.nl/

11-14 June 2008
EDEN Annual Conference 2008: "New Learning Cultures"
Lisbon, Portugal
Web: http://www.eden-online.org/eden.php?menuId=374

12-13 June 2008
Bologna Seminar: "Staff Mobility and Pension Arrangements"
Berlin, Germany
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

12-13 June 2008
Informal Meeting of Directors-General for Higher Education: "Quality in Mobility"
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Web: http://cordis.europa.eu/slovenia/presidency/events_en.html

15-17 June 2008
ACA Annual Conference: "Beyond 2010: Priorities and Challenges for Higher Education in the Next Decade"
Tallinn, Estonia
Web: http://www.aca-secretariat.be

15-17 June 2008
ENIC/NARIC Annual meeting
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

19-20 June 2008
Bologna Seminar “Development of a common understanding of Learning Outcomes and ECTS”
Porto, Portugal
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

24-25 June 2008
Extraordinary Bologna Follow-up Group Meeting: "Bologna Beyond 2010"
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

24-27 June 2008
1st International Lifelong Learning Conference: "Leveraging Learning for Regional Development"
Thunder Bay, Canada
Web: http://www.theconferenceplanner.ca/lifelearning/

25-26 June 2008
ACE Symposium: "Bridging the Gap Initiative: Cultivating Collaboration Between Internationalization and Multicultural Education"
Washington DC, United States
Web: www.acenet.edu/

29 June-2 July 2008
EIASTA 6th International Conference: "Education and Information Systems, Technologies and Applications"
Orlando, United States
Web: www.socioinfocyber.org/eista2008

30 June-1 July 2008
First Research Symposium on Problem and Project Based Learning in Engineering and Science Education
Aalborg, Denmark
Web: http://www.ucpbl.net/

30 June-2 July 2008EAN: "Crossing Borders: Diversity in Higher Education"Berlin, GermanyWeb: http://www.ean-edu.org/

9-11 July 2008
AUQF: "Quality and Standards: Making a Difference"
Canberra, Australia
Web: http://www.auqa.edu.au/auqf/

15-18 July 2008
IAU 13th General Conference: "Higher Education and Research Addressing Local and Global Needs"
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Web: http://www.unesco.org/iau/conferences/Utrecht/index.html

17-19 July 2008
International Conference on Education, Economy & Society
Paris, France
Web: http://education-conferences.org/default.aspx

24-27 August 2008
EAIR 30th Annual Forum: "Polishing the Silver: are we really improving higher education?"
Copenhagen, Denmark
Web: http://www.eair.nl/

2-5 September
9th European Conference on Higher Agricultural Education: "Developing roadmaps for European Life Science degrees"
Lleida, Spain
Web: http://www.9echae.udl.cat/

7-12 September 2008
IAEA 34th Annual Conference: "Re-interpreting Assessment: Society, Measurement and Meaning"
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Web: http://www.iaea2008.cambridgeassessment.org.uk/ca

8-10 September 2008
IMHE General Conference: "Outcomes of Higher Education: Quality, Revelance and Impact"
Paris, France
Web: http://www.oecd.org/

9-10 September 2008
Bologna Conference: "Quality Assurance in Higher Education"
Strasbourg, France
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

10-12 September 2008
EERA Annual Conference: "From Teaching to Learning?"
Göteborg, Sweden
Web: http://www.eera.ac.uk/1247/1248/1252/4092/index.html

10-13 September 2008
EAIE 20th Annual Conference: "Re-designing the map of European higher education"
Antwerp, Belgium
Web: http://www.eaie.org/Antwerp/

11-13 September 2008
CHER Seminar: "Excellence and Diversity in Higher Education: Meanings, Goals and Instruments"
Pavia, Italy
Web: http://www.unipv.it

18-19 September 2008
EADTU Annual Conference: "Lifelong open and flexible learning in higher education"
Poitiers, France
Web: http://www.eadtu.nl/

19 September 2008
Bologna Mobility Coordination Group Meeting
Yerevan, Armenia
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

25-26 September 2008
Bologna Seminar: "The Social Dimension of Access and Equal Opportunity in Higher Education Institution"
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

29 September-2 October 2008
IAUP Conference: "The Role of Universities in Educating the Universal Citizen"
Viña del Mar, Chile
Web: http://www.iaups.org/download/20080128iaup.pdf

6-7 October 2008
EI and ESU Mobility conference
Lille, France
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

7-10 October 2008
AIEC: Australian International Education Conference
Brisbane, Australia
Web: http://www.idp.com/aiec/

8-10 October 2008
CONAHEC Conference: "Higher Education Collaboration: Local Responses in a Global Context"
Monterrey, Mexico
Web: www.conahec.org

10-11 October 2008
Bologna Seminar: "Structure of Medical Studies"
Berlin, Germany
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

14-15 October 2008
Bologna Follow-up Group Meeting
Paris, France
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

15-17 October 2008
EMSU 5th Annual Conference: "A new knowledge culture. Universities facing global changes for sustainability"
Barcelona, Spain
Web: http://www.emsu.org/www/

16-17 October 2008
University Network of European Capitals of Culture General Assembly and Conference: "Whose Culture?"
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Web: http://www.uneecc.org/htmls/welcome_page.html

17 October 2008
ACA European Policy Seminar: "From aid to partnership: Enhancing education through development"
Brussels, Belgium
Web: http://www.aca-secretariat.be

20-22 October 2008
EDEN Research Workshop: "The role of distance education and e-learning in technology-enhanced environments"
Paris, France
Web: http://www.eden-online.org

23-25 October 2008
EUA Autumn Conference: "Inclusive and responsive universities - ensuring Europe's competitiveness in the knowledge society"  
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Web: http://www.eua.be/index.php?id=32

27-28 October 2008
European QF Conference
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

4-5 November 2008
Bologna Conference on Mobility/Erasmus Mundus II
Nancy, France
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

6-7 November 2008
Bologna Seminar: “Employability - the Employer’s Perspective and its Implications”
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

10-11 November 2008
Bologna Seminar on Social Dimension
Budapest, Hungary
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

20-22 November 2008
Third European Quality Assurance Forum
Budapest, Hungary
Web: http://www.eua.be/index.php?id=622

28-30 November 2008
ACU Conference: "Dazzling Technologies: Seismic shifts in higher education in a fast-changing and unequal world"
Hyderabad, India
Web: http://www.acu.ac.uk/hyderabad/index.php

29-30 November 2008
IAUP Latin American Congress: "New funding and management higher education strategies for global competitivity"
Web: www.uag.mx/iaup

11-12 December 2008
Bologna Seminar: "Accreditation of Prior Learning"
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Web: http://www.ond.vlaanderen.be/

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