Edition 80 - December 2007

Upcoming events

1 February 2008
ACA European Policy Seminar: What's new in Brussels 2008: Recent developments in European policies and programmes
Brussels, Belgium
Web: http://www.aca-secretariat.be/08events/Seminars/Seminars%202008/whatsnew2008.htm

7-8 February 2008
EUA Experts Conference: "Towards Financially Sustainable Higher Education Institutions"
Brussels, Belgium
Web: http://www.eua.be/index.php?id=32

17-20 February
AIEA Annual Conference: "Globalization: Implications for International Education"
Washington DC, US
Web: https://aieaworld.american-data.net/events/2008conf/index.php

3-5 March 2008
EDGE "Emerging Directions in Global Education" International Conference
New Delhi, India
Web: http://www.edge2008.in/

7-8 March 2008
Poland International Education Fair PERSPEKTYWY 2008
Spring Edition 2008
Web: www.perspectives.pl

10-13 March 2008
Post Fair PERSPEKTYWY Tour 2008
Poznan,Wroclaw, Krakow
Web: www.perspectives.pl/springtour2008

14 March 2008
3rd Annual IIE Best Practices Conference
New York, United States
Web: http://www.iie.org (Registration will begin in early 2008)

26-28 March
APAIE Conference: "The next wave in Asia-Pacific Higher Education"
Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Web: http://www.apaie.org/

27-29 March
EUA Spring Conference 2008: "The Governance of European Universities Post 2010 (II): Enhancing Institutional Mission and Profiles"
Barcelona, Spain
Web: http://www.eua.be/index.php?id=32

30 March-2 April 2008
GUNI: "IV International Barcelona Conference on Higher Education: New challenges and emerging roles for human and social development"
Barcelona, Spain
Web: http://www.guni-rmies.net/k2008/

4 April 2008
ACA European Policy Seminar: "International rankings and indicators: what they tell us and what they don't"
Brussels, Belgium
Web: http://www.aca-secretariat.be/08events/upcoming.htm

8-11 April 2008
SPACE: "19th International Conference"
Valencia, Spain
Web: http://www.space-eu.info/index.php?page=register_c&conf=5&m=conf&v=conf_r

16 May 2008
ACA European Policy Seminar: "Exporting education: Europe's role in transnational education"
Brussels, Belgium
Web: http://www.aca-secretariat.be/08events/upcoming.htm

25-30 May 2008
NAFSA Annual Conference and Expo
Washington DC, USA
Web: http://www.nafsa.org/events.sec/conferences.pg/future_conference_sites

28-30 May 2008
3rd International Conference on ICT for Development, Education and Training
Accra, Ghana
Web: http://www.elearning-africa.com

15-17 June 2008
ACA Annual Conference: "Beyond 2010: Priorities and Challenges for Higher Education in the Next Decade"
Tallinn, Estonia
Web: http://www.aca-secretariat.be

15-18 July 2008
IAU 13th General Conference: "Higher Education and Research Addressing Local and Global Needs"
Utrecht, The Netherlands
Web: http://www.unesco.org/iau/conferences/Utrecht/index.html

17-19 July 2008
International Conference on Education, Economy & Society
Paris, France
Web: http://education-conferences.org/default.aspx

17 October 2008
ACA European Policy Seminar: "From aid to partnership: Enhancing education through development"
Brussels, Belgium
Web: http://www.aca-secretariat.be/08events/upcoming.htm


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