Edition 71 - March 2007

ACA Internationalisation colloquium with KATHO and VLHORA

ACA, together with the KATHO (Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West-Vlaanderen) and the VLHORA (the Flemish Council of Hogescholen), is organising a seminar in Kortrijk, Belgium, on the 29 May 2007

The colloquium will consist of a number of plenary presentations (for an audience of about 80-100 people) on a range of issues regarding international cooperation in higher education covering the following sub-themes:

  • regional cooperation,‘local’ internationalisation and internationalization at home;
  • cooperation with countries outside of Europe and Europe's position in the higher education world map;
  • impacts of international mobility on students and staff.

For registration and further information visit KATHO website: http://www.katho.be/international/colloquium/VLACKA.htm

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