Edition 147 - July 2013

Upcoming international events

Upcoming ACA events:

10 October 2013

Making sense of the MOOCs

Brussels, Belgium

Other events:

01-07 August 2013

4th University Scholars Leadership Symposium

Manila, Philippines

10-13 September 2013

EAIE 25th Annual Conference: “Weaving the future of global partnerships”

Istanbul, Turkey

15-16 September 2013

ETDF GREAT Lx conference: “Great Lisbon International Conference on Games & Tel”

Lisbon, Portugal 

28-29 September 2013

PromoDoc PhD Recruitment Event

Seoul, South Korea

Website http://www.promodoc.eu/south-korea 

1-2 October 2013

PromoDoc PhD Recruitment Event

Pusan, South Korea

2-4 October 2013

10th International Workshop on Higher Education Reforms: “Looking Back, Looking Forward”

Ljubljana, Slovenia

10 October 2013

HEFCE Seminar: “The social impact of research”

London, England

16-18 October 2013

CAIE 2013: Conference of the Americas on International Education

Monterrey, Mexico

24-25 October 2013

EADTU The Open and Flexible Higher Education Conference 2013: “Transition to open and on-line education in European universities”

Paris, France

4-6 November 2013

Technopolicy Network 10th Annual Conference: “Science and Technology Entrepreneurship as a Driver for Change: How Regional Development, Entrepreneurship and Incubation Interact”

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Website http://technopolicy.net/annualconference/ 

5 November 2013

OpenChina-ICT Final Conference on Strengthening Cooperation in ICT Research between Europe and China

Vilnius, Lithuania

21-23 November 2013

8th European Quality Assurance Forum (EQAF): "Working together to take quality forward"

Gothenburg, Sweden

10-11 February 2014

Final SEARCH Academic Conference: “How to strengthen EU - NCs relationships”

Barcelona, Spain

14-17 July 2014

“Braga 2014 - Embracing Inclusive Approaches”

Braga, Portugal

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