ACA Annual Conference 2009

Innovation through internationalisation

Warsaw, 13 -15 May 2009


Internationalisation, once a marginal concern at best suitable for Sunday speeches, has now become a firm component of national and institutional higher education strategies in most countries in Europe. So has ‘innovation’. What are the relations between the two concepts? Is innovation conceivable without internationalisation? How does internationalisation contribute to higher education renewal strategies already today, and in which way should it do so in the future? These are some of the overriding questions the Warsaw ACA Annual Conference addressed. It has done so by focusing on particular thematic areas, among them foreign languages; marketing, recruitment and mobility; international rankings; ethics and the intercultural dialogue, and transnational education, and the Bologna Process.

As usual, ACA secured an impressive array of first-order international specialists to tackle the issues at stake, and to engage in discussion with participants.