What's new in Brussels?
Recent developments in European policies and programmes

Brussels, 22 January 2010 


In line with this tradition, “What’s New in Brussels 2010” presented the latest information on and analysis of the EU programmes with non-European countries, while trying to ‘sneak a peak’ at the planning of the next generation of EU programmes, where the consultation of stakeholders seems to play an incremental role. Other issues on the agenda are the plans and expected evolutions of Bologna and Lisbon processes after the 2010 milestone, and the current involvement of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in supporting member states’ student loans schemes as well as future perspectives. Last but not least, the seminar will try to shed some light on the rationales behind the establishment and functioning of the EIT and EQAR, two entities expected to foster innovation and respectively quality of higher education in a European context.

24th in the series “European Policy Seminars” of the Academic Cooperation Association