What’s new in Brussels?
Recent developments in European policies and programmes

Brussels, 12 March 2004


The resonant success of the first European Policy Seminar "What's new in Brussels?" prompted this unique rerun, with a slightly adapted programme at a different location, namely the Club de la Fondation Universitaire, which was the become the host of a large number of ACA seminars to follow.

The seminars provided the latest information on, and analysis of, the Bologna and Lisbon Processes, as well as on the reform of Socrates and Leonardo currently in the planning, as well as on the just-adopted Erasmus Mundus Programme. ACA is proud it succeeded in winning as speakers Guy Haug, Peter van der Hijden, Vito Borelli and Adam Pokorny of the European Commission’s Directorate General for Education and Culture.

2nd in the series "European Policy Seminars" of the Academic Cooperation Association