Chiara Colella

Chiara Colella is ACA’s trainee. In this capacity, she manages the publication of ACA’s monthly newsletter, personally writing some of the articles. While defining herself a true European citizen, Chiara is also very proud of her Italian origins. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages and Literature (English, French and German) and a Master’s degree in International Relations.

Chiara is very familiar with the internationalisation of higher education, having herself undergone through different study exchanges abroad. During her Bachelor she spent one and a half year in Salzburg, Austria, where she also wrote her thesis focused on “Comparison between Italian and German Phraseology”. During her Master’s, she spent one semester in La Roche sur Yon, France and she also profited of two Erasmus scholarships for traineeship: one in the Apulia Representation in Brussels and one in the Council of Europe, in Strasburg. Her Master thesis focused on the genesis and developments of the Adriatic-Ionian Macro’region. 

Before landing to ACA, Chiara was also trainee in the General Secretariat of the European Committee of the Regions. Always interested in the regional dimension of Europe, Chiara’s interests are very wide and she is convinced of the importance of fostering the internationalisation of higher education as a tool to developing an open-minded society and a true European identity.